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Fernhill Wetlands and Jackson Bottom

I made a quick trek around Washington County’s two prominent wetlands. There was nothing unusual to report, but there is plenty of bird activity at these sites this time of year. Green Heron, lurking Great Blue Heron, not lurking Juvenile … Continue reading

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Fernhill Wetlands and Jackson Bottom

We are two weeks into a nasty heat wave in the Portland area. Sunrise is the only time of day when you can bird in any comfort and hope to find any birds active and singing. So I got up … Continue reading

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Random Images

Home improvement projects are keeping me inside lately, so here are a few images from dog walks and the bird feeder. Double-crested Cormorants on the Columbia River California Gull former sturgeon, Columbia River Lesser Goldfinch I only see Purple Finches … Continue reading

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Washington County Wetlands

There are big changes underway at Fernhill Wetlands. The main lake has been drained, and the two impoundments to the south are completely gone. This is all to make way for large emergent wetlands that will replace the ponds. This … Continue reading

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Two species have brought fledglings around recently. Both were visiting bird feeders, but for different reasons. This Lesser Goldfinch was eating the dead needles from a cedar tree near the feeder. The fluffy “horns” and general clumsiness reveal the bird … Continue reading

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Early Spring

This is that long awkward time of year between winter and spring. The big winter flocks have broken up, but the spring migrants haven’t returned yet. As I have said before, there is always something to see, but we have … Continue reading

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Winter in the Wetlands

We are in that late winter season when birding seems to slow. I don’t know whether there are actually fewer birds around this time of year or we have just already seen the local winter residents so they don’t hold … Continue reading

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In the Bleak Midwinter

In honor of the winter solstice, in a month that brought Portland 7″ of rain, here are a few dark grainy images from recent weeks. Orange-crowned Warbler Anna’s Hummingbird Dark-eyed Junco Here is a nice comparison of American (foreground) and … Continue reading

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Changes Continue at Fernhill Wetlands

Exciting changes continue at Fernhill Wetlands (Birding Oregon p. 61). This photo is from the drying lake bed of Fernhill Lake. Low water levels this summer have created some great shorebird habitat. Notice the clump of cottonwood trees that have … Continue reading

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Feeding Frenzy

For the past few weeks I have been enjoying a large flock of Pine Siskins at my feeder. But as often occurs during years of high siskin numbers, I started noticing a few sick birds. So I stopped feeding for … Continue reading

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