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Autumn Sparrows

Autumn brings an influx of sparrows to the Willamette Valley. Like many groups of birds, the sparrows aren’t that hard to identify, they are just hard to get a good look at. White-crowned Sparrow, hiding behind a twig Golden-crowned Sparrow, … Continue reading

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Gray’s Harbor, WA

I’ve recently made two trips to Grays Harbor in Washington, once to scout and the other to lead my shorebird class. This estuary is a major staging area for migrating shorebirds in spring. Marbled Godwit, Dunlin, and Short-billed Dowitcher feeding … Continue reading

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Fernhill Wetlands 1/28/10

I enjoyed a quiet walk around the main lake at Fernhill Wetlands (Birding Oregon p. 61). By mid-morning, most of the geese that roost at this site are off feeding elsewhere. Double-crested Cormorants are commonly seen perched on dead trees … Continue reading

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I am revving up for my Little Brown Birds class next month, so I spent some time with the sparrow flocks on Sauvie Island (Birding Oregon p.57). A walk down Rentenaar Road revealed five species, three of which sat still … Continue reading

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