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Gull Season

Late autumn and early winter is the time to find the biggest diversity of gulls in Oregon. I led a field trip to the coast at the end of October. Strong storms from the west had moved a lot of … Continue reading

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AmberGlen Business Park

Several office parks in the Hillsboro area have nice open spaces that attract birds. AmberGlen has a pond next to a large lawn which attracts good numbers of gulls in winter. Most of the gulls on my recent visit were … Continue reading

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North Coast

I made two trips to the coast this week, once to scout for my Portland Audubon shorebird class, and again for the class itself. It is amazing how much difference a couple of days can make in the make-up of … Continue reading

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Gull Gallery

Portland’s Westmoreland Park is a great place to find a variety of gull species during winter. Seven species and one hybrid are regular, and there is always the possibility of something more unusual showing up. California Gull:  medium-gray mantle, long … Continue reading

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Answers to 2nd cycle gull quiz

California Gull The first impression you get of this bird is its long lean look. The bill is long and thin, with a distinct dark band near the tip. The body is fairly slender and the dark wings appear very … Continue reading

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Answers to Gull Quiz (look at the quiz first)

#1 Glaucous-winged Gull The first thing you notice about this bird is the lack of contrast. The pattern is soft and blurry, and the primaries and tertials are the same color as the rest of the bird. The big head … Continue reading

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