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Random Waterfowl

Here are some random shots of some of the many waterfowl species that winter in the Willamette Valley This Common Merganser was swimming with her face submerged, looking for fish. I have also seen loons hunt in this way. the … Continue reading

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Wigeon ID

I combed the wigeon flocks at Portland’s Westmoreland Park and found examples of both species. The bird in front is a male Eurasian Wigeon; the two in back are male American Wigeons. On the Eurasian, note the rusty head with … Continue reading

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Winter is setting in.

With the onset of cooler temperatures and short days, a birder’s attentions are drawn to the avian stars of the Willamette Valley in winter, waterfowl and gulls. Yes, there are sparrows about, and the American Goldfinches are emptying my feeders … Continue reading

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