Sample Clips

All of These Things are Not Like the Others Bird Watchers Digest, November 2013 – Dealing with individual variation

Most Birds, Least Harm Birding, August 2013 – Effective and ethical birding in a time of peak oil, mass extinction, and financial collapse. An essay on limiting your negative impacts in birding and in your daily life.

Getting Into Shape for Gull ID BirdWatching, February 2013 – How to identify gulls by shape.

Chasing a Ghost Bird Watcher’s Digest, July 2010 – My encounter with an old specimen in a nature center rekindles my fascination with an exterminated species. This is one of my favorite pieces.

How to Use a Site Guide Bird Watcher’s Digest, September 2010 – How to evaluate and use a site guide.

Zen Birding Birding, September 2006 – My philosophy of birding, in short story form.

Beginner’s Guide to Pelagic Trips Wildbird, March 2005 – The whys and hows of pelagic birding.

The Perfect Birding Guide Bird Watcher’s Digest, November 2002 – How to become (or select) the perfect birding guide.

A Closer Look: Lesser Prairie-Chicken Birding, June 1995 – A look at one of the most threatened, and unknown, birds in North America.