Little Brown Birds

Jackson Bottom Wetland Preserve
March 3, 2018
9 am – noon

Sparrows, wrens, and finches; little brown birds that all look alike, right? Like any group of birds, they become easier to identify when you know what to look for. This class will focus on the common species that can be found in winter and early spring. After class we will explore the preserve to practice our new skills. Click here for registration information.

Little Brown Birds

Audubon Society of Portland
March 22, Class 7 -9 pm
March 24, Local Field Trip 8 – noon

Another class on little brown birds, but a little more in depth and with a longer field trip. Click here to register.

Warblers and Flycatchers

Audubon Society of Portland
April 19, Class only, 7 – 9

Every spring, little birds from the tropics return to Oregon to nest. This class will focus on all the regularly occurring warblers and flycatchers in the Portland area, with emphasis on field marks, behaviors, and sounds. Get ready for spring migration by warming up your eyes and ears with this class. Click here to register.

Birding and Blues Festival in Pacific City

April 20 – 22
Pacific City, OR

Once again, I will be leading the Three Capes Tour for the Birding and Blues Festival in Pacific City. This trip makes a loop up the coast toward Tillamook and back, visiting a lot of great spots along the way. Visit the festival’s web site for more information.