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Sunny Day at Westmoreland Park

Best known as a local gull hotspot, Portland’s Westmoreland Park also hosts good numbers of Cackling Geese in winter. This December has been unusually dry and sunny, so instead of my photos being grainy and dark, they are now overexposed. … Continue reading

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hummingbird tongue fungal infection

In case you need further motivation to keep your hummingbird feeders clean, here is a photo of a male Anna’s Hummingbird with a swollen tongue. The condition is caused by a fungal infection, usually acquired at hummingbird feeders. The condition … Continue reading

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I have made several updates to the website you might want to check out. On the Birding Oregon page, I added a new update clarifying the directions to Cold Springs NWR. Different maps list different road names, but hopefully this … Continue reading

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Always something to look at

My birding has been limited lately, and walks in heavy cover under cloudy skies don’t produce many photo opportunities, but there is always something to see. Final Score: Beaver: 1  Protective netting: 0 Licorice Ferns Rough-skinned Newt, one of the … Continue reading

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Lesser Goldfinch

Five years ago, it would have been an unusual treat to find a Lesser Goldfinch at my feeders. But in recent years, this species has expanded its range in the Portland area and now nests on our property. A large … Continue reading

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Into the Woods

I did a little birding in Portland’s Forest Park yesterday. I live on an ash swale, so it is nice to get out into an actual coniferous forest, the type of habitat that the Pacific Northwest is known for. Among … Continue reading

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Anna’s Hummingbirds in the snow

Portland had a white Christmas for the first time in 17 years. The snow didn’t last long, but it did provide some interesting viewing at the hummingbird feeder. The male has been defending this feeder for some time, but perhaps … Continue reading

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Arctic Loon

An Arctic Loon has been hanging out near Astoria this week, and I finally had a chance to chase him today. The most direct route, Hwy 30, was closed due to a massive mudslide, but the scenic route worked just … Continue reading

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shades of pale

I am taking a writing course from Wendee Holtcamp, and needed to work on a journaling exercise so I headed out to Fernhill Wetlands. It was a very gray day, and quite chilly, but I was struck by the amount … Continue reading

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