Updates and Corrections

Chapter 14: Cold Springs and Umatilla NWRs
New Site: Looking past the rather awkward name, the McNary Wildlife Nature Area is a great little spot for birding. The park is located in the town of Umatilla, just downstream from McNary Dam on the Columbia River. Along with views of the river, the park has several small ponds, areas of sagebrush, and riparian woods.

In winter, the park hosts good numbers of waterfowl and gulls on the ponds and the adjacent Columbia River. Check winter flocks of Cedar Waxwings for the occasional Bohemian Waxwing. Black-crowned Night Herons roost in heavy brush around the ponds. Both the ponds and upland areas attract migrant and nesting songbirds in spring and summer.

The park can be reached from 3rd street, on the north edge of town. From Hwy 730, west of I-82, turn north on either Switzler Avenue or Brownwell Blvd, then east on 3rd to the park. If you are east of I-82, turn north on Devore Road, then west on 3rd.

Chapter 17: Portland Metro Area
Page 76: Westmoreland Park, formerly one of the best sites in the Portland area for close looks at a variety of gulls, and the most reliable site for Eurasian Wigeon and Thayer’s Iceland Gull, is now fairly bird-free. The duck pond has been replaced with a natural creek channel, which is great for salmon but completely unappealing to loafing gulls. The creek does attract Green-winged Teal and Hooded Mergansers in spring.

Chapter 36: Tillamook County
Page 147: Nehalem Bay Sewage Ponds are currently closed to birders. You can stand outside the fence and peer in.

Page 152: The road which leads from Meares Lake up to Cape Meares Scenic Viewpoint and NWR has washed out. It is currently unknown when or if this road will be rebuilt. For now, to reach Cape Meares, you need to follow Hwy 131 (3rd Street) west out of Tillamook. Instead of turning onto Bayocean road, continue on Hwy 131, which circles through Netarts and Oceanside. Bear right onto Bayshore Drive to reach Cape Meares. Retrace your path to return to Tillamook, or continue south on Netarts Bay Drive to reach more birding sites in the southern part of the county.

Resources and Contact Information
Page 200: The Bird Guide, Inc. is no longer running pelagic trips off the Oregon coast. But fear not, Oregon Pelagic Tours has jumped in to fill the void. A lot of the same wonderful guides that worked with The Bird Guide are now with Oregon Pelagic Tours, so check out their website for a schedule of tours.

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