Foggy morning

While scouting for my little brown birds class I found these three posing on a fence rail. I had just filled the feeder at the Oak Island unit of Sauvie Island Wildlife Area, and the birds were appearing out of the cold fog to take advantage of the free food. From left to right are a Spotted Towhee, a Golden-crowned Sparrow (winter plumage), and another Golden-crowned (closer to breeding plumage). The foggy conditions made photographing birds (or even seeing them for that matter) very difficult. I had to boost the contrast of this photo to bring the birds out of the haze.

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One Response to Foggy morning

  1. Michele says:

    Hopefully it will be fogless and an example of each sparrow in the area will line up on the fence for your class. Oh, and illuminated by a ray of sunlight 😉

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