More indoor birding

Between Portland’s worst snow storm in forty years and working more hours for the holiday season, I have not ventured out birding lately. I am ever grateful for those birds that come to the feeder and provide me with a birding fix. The most common visitors are Dark-eyed Juncos.

Here is an adult female Dark-eyed Junco.  Note the bit of brown on the crown and nape and how the hood is not an intense gray.

This male shows a solid dark gray hood (the light flecks on the crown are water droplets).

This American Goldfinch is already showing flecks of yellow.

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2 Responses to More indoor birding

  1. I love the Junco photos. We also have noticed a few spots of bright yellow on the Americans. Spring is just around the corner!

  2. Michele says:

    I love the checklist you created. I printed it and used it at Ridgefield (so I guess it works in WA, ha ha) the other day. I like having a printed list like that, thanks for making it available.

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