At the feeder

Here are a few species that have been coming to the feeder lately. The sun is so low in the sky this time of year that photographing birds at the feeder is especially challenging, given the slow shutter speeds, diffused light, and dirty windows.

Always a treat, the Northern Flicker seems enormous when compared to the finches that usually visit the feeder.

American Goldfinch, with a House Finch behind

Dark-eyed Juncos nest a block away from my house, but they only visit my feeder in the winter.

Native to eastern North America, Eastern Gray Squirrels have been introduced to cities on the west coast. They are quite attractive in their winter pelage, with their white ears, white halo around their tails, and the faint olive green streak down their backs. I find the concept of green fur rather intriguing.

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2 Responses to At the feeder

  1. Michele says:

    I like the ear shot of the squirrel. Great photos! Better get Marsha on window cleaning, ha ha! (that’s just a joke, Marsha.)

  2. Dawn Fine says:

    Great pictures take thru you window..I find that I am taking more and more of them this season. Here in NC it is unseasonably cold. I didnt realize the green in the squirrel before..I am not going to look closer…thanks

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