Ankeny NWR

I took my Portland Audubon waterfowl class to Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge (Birding Oregon p. 86). The weather was glorious and the birds were abundant.

Many of the fields on the refuge hosted large flocks of geese, mostly the minima race of Cackling Goose.

This little mixed flock contains Western Canada, Dusky Canada, and Taverner’s Cackling Geese.

Eagle Marsh held several dozen Tundra Swans.

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3 Responses to Ankeny NWR

  1. Laura says:

    Isn’t Ankeny just the best for waterfowl? at least with this class you had a guarantee….unlike certain sparrow classes I recall. Yey!

  2. mark says:

    hey john,might i have seen a pair of rough-legs at the ankeny overlook today?have you ever seen any shrikes there? mark

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