Audubon Society of Portland
 December 11 Class 7-9 pm
December 12 Coastal Field Trip

A lot of birders are intimidated by gulls. They can be a challenge, with many different age-related and seasonal plumage variations. But if you know what to look for, most birds can be positively identified without too much trouble. In this class, we will study all the regularly occurring species, learning what makes each one unique. On Saturday we head to the coast to sort these birds out in person.
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ring-necked duckWinter Waterfowl

Jackson Bottom Wetland Preserve
January 23 Class and Field Trip, 9:00 – noon

This class is an introduction to the many ducks, geese and swans that winter in the Willamette Valley. We will start in the classroom, then walk through Jackson Bottom to study these birds up close.
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rt loon 1Advanced Waterfowl

Audubon Society of Portland
February 18 Class 7-9 pm
February 20 Local Field Trip

This class examines the more challenging aspects of waterfowl ID, with an emphasis on female and winter plumages. We will look at potentially confusing groups, like scaups, goldeneyes, loons, and swans. We will learn to differentiate the various subspecies of Cackling and Canada Geese, and study coastal species that we don’t get to see as often in the Willamette Valley. Saturday’s field trip will explore local waterfowl hotspots to practice our new skills.
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savannah sparrowLittle Brown Birds

Audubon Society of Portland
March 24 Class 7-9 pm
March 26 Local Field Trip 8-noon

Sparrows, finches, and wrens, often referred to LBBs (Little Brown Birds), can all look alike at first glance. But with a little practice, you will learn to recognize the many shapes, patterns, and behaviors that let you easily identify the many members of this vast group. In the class, we will study the details of all the local LBBs. On Saturday, we will visit local “sparrow patches” to compare these birds in the field.
To register, contact Portland Audubon.