thayer's Winter Gull ID
Audubon Society of Portland
January 17, 2015
10 am – Noon class
Noon – 3 pm local field trip

Admit it, you need a Thayer’s Gull for your year list, maybe even your life list. Many birders are still uncomfortable identifying gulls. But all you need is a little help knowing what to look for and most of those gulls turn out to be fairly easy to ID. In the morning class we will study all the local gull species, learning what makes each species unique. After a quick lunch break we will visit some local gull hotspots to practice our new skills. The Portland area is a great place to study a variety of gulls in winter, and this is a great opportunity to learn to enjoy this challenging group of birds.

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taverner's and ridgeway'sAdvanced Waterfowl ID
Audubon Society of Portland

February 11, 7 – 9 pm, Class
February 14, 8 am – noon, local field trip

Male ducks in breeding plumage are pretty easy, but can you identify the females? the rarer species from the coast? the swans? Can you tell a Taverner’s Cackling Goose from a Ridgeway’s Cackling Goose? (You know you want to.) This class will focus on all these challenges and more. The Saturday morning field trip will give us a chance to practice our new skills.

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