4 comments on “Sauvie Island

  1. Sandhill Cranes are SO amazing. I just got back from Nebraska where I had the chance to see thousands and thousands of them. I can’t wait to see more and I went out to Sauvie Island today to find them. I was told they usually stick around until mid April, but obviously I don’t know where to look! Would you be so kind as to tell me where you found your cranes? That is indeed an amazing photo.


  2. I used to live on Sauvies Island and the birds were awesome.Im so happy i found this site.I saw so many on the island.Anyone who lives there knows the geese are thick also all the ducks.I had my own of both there.But we had visitors every day that i fed. Snow geese as well.I miss it there alot thanks for the photos. My husband and i ran the power house that irrigates the island.We kept the canals clear as well.I never saw one snake the years we lived there.I see no pics of the power station or the house.It was old then!At that time there were cannons booming all the time to keep geese off crops.Anyway thanks great pics.! Sheryl

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